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July 13, 2015

“Mothers. Priests’ Wives About Themselves and Their Life” by K. Luchenko

July 13, 2015

Bar Cielito Lindo (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and their puppy breakfast

July 13, 2015

Cielito Lindo (Eng.: Pretty little heaven) is a popular Mexican song. Why did the owner call this place like this? Maybe because he’s originally Argentinian guy?;)

For us (I mean my husband and me) this place is maybe a little bit more special than for people who just come there for evening drinks. When we came back from Russia where we had some kind of wedding (just official registration and some small dinner with my family), we had one more little celebration in this bar because the owner and his fiancee are quite close friends of my husband. Party was small, I knew almost nobody and still don’t understand what I was doing there, but it was funny:) I cannot say that now I feel special sweet tenderness to this place but I really like it for few reasons.

Reason #1

Perfect latte macchiato. And nice coffee in common. I already told you a story about the best latte macchiato in my life but about this latte I can say that this is one of the best in Ljubljana – foamy, fluffy, huge. By the way, if you ask bigger cup you will get bigger cup, not two small.

blackcoffee cielitolindo cappuccino

Reason #2

Puppy breakfasts. Every Saturday morning starting from 10am you can pick your puppy with you and go for coffee with croissants to Cielito Lindo. Everything allowed here. Your puppy can run, jump, play, eat, drink, and be cuddled.

samoyed IMG_9446 samoyedpuppy

Reason #3

Just a good place. Just cozy and lovely. Calm and friendly. Coffee and wine.

Somebody may say that this is just one of the dozens of similar places in the center of Ljubljana. Maybe. But still I like it because I know what to expect, what kind of coffee/service I will get. If you love fancy trendy places, so… thanks God, this is not Starbucks. Here you will have your tasty coffee without paying for it impossible money. Maybe they don’t have food but they have charm. This charm is the reason why people go there.

Cielito Lindo 
Trubarjeva ul. 9, Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 591 82510



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