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March 11, 2016

3 Awesome breakfast spots in Vienna

March 11, 2016

Dylan Moran “Off The Hook” show (Vienna, 24.02.2016)

March 11, 2016

If somebody doesn’t love Dylan Moran (s)he just never saw him because he is absolutely awesome actor who took my heart years and years ago after I watched “Black Books”. The dream about visiting his show was always one of the craziest I have ever had, and as soon as I found out about it in Vienna, I was not thinking for a long time. 

Any time I watch Dylan’s shows I have never-ending doubts about how to feel, how to react.
Laugh? But it is sad.
Be sad? But it is really funny and so true.
It is like constant self-ironical depression when irony helps you not to die of sadness.

And the older I become the closer his jokes become to me: long-lasting relationship, relationship with people around, self-esteem, etc. You look at him and think: “Yeah, just 10 more years and I will experience most of things he is joking about”.

Joking? I am not sure. It doesn’t sound like joking.

Show itself is quite short. I felt it short because time flew so fast that I didn’t even notice how he finished it. But I got great experience of enjoying really wise and attentive person, person who sees things in some kind of routine philosophical way, that everyday wisdom which entertains you and provide food for brain.


I would love to quote him but I was so amazed by everything that I remember clearly just few moments. What is most amazing that he creates his show just in front of you. Well, at least it feels like that. Dylan adds lots of local color to his show. Local, I mean, understandable and topical for that city or country where he gives his show. Basement jokes about sex in Vienna were such a butthurt for locals who didn’t know how to react because it was funny but the story behind “basement” is so tragic and sad.

“Off the Hook” is not a show of some particular plot. It is a stream of thoughts which move from one serious subject of life to another and you totally do not notice this motion. It is amazing how deeply you go into life issues (or just features?) with his “jokes”.

I only hope that all those long texts were not just texts. I hope it was a part of author’s soul.

Thank you, Dylan. It was awesome!

PS: You know, I am totally not a fangirl’ing person but it was the first time I wanted just to shake actor’s (I would better say – artist) hand and say personally that he does great job. 


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