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March 11, 2016

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March 11, 2016

Restaurant A Tasca (Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal)+updates

March 11, 2016

I love Azores. It is perfect place to explore for people who would love to try something new which is made skillfully. And not expensive, of course. I have no idea if this restaurant is a tourist destination because there were totally no people except us that evening but I will not only recommend it. I will come back there not once during my vacation.

Being already quite experienced traveler I came to the conclusion that restaurants in the very city center in 9 of 10 cases are not the best idea because they are working for tourists. It means – crowds of people, low quality, high prices, lame service. But A Tasca, being located in the center, is a pleasant exception of this rule with it’s good and helpful staff, excellent quality of food and prices. It is like… Unexpected and such a great advantage!

First, wine. White, Portuguese, dry. I would suggest to rely on waiter but be ready that prices on alcohol can be not so awesome as the prices for the food.

In the menu (made in the shape of newspaper) we were immediately lost between starters which took 2-3 pages and all of them sounded so delicious that we could not choose anything and asked waiter for suggestions. So, starters were local: octopus salad, grilled mussels, some local shrimp stuff (honestly, I was not very attentive in listening), chorizo and sweet muffins with garlic and olive oil.

Octopus salad was even better than the day before in Caloura bar!
Shrimp stuff tasted like something with bread or floor but added lemon juice made it not so simple as it could be.
Chorizo is… chorizo:) Burnt with fire, made of pork. Not a fan of pork.
Grilled mussels tasted different than in Caloura but good. Very good. Juicy with the proper amount of lemon and oil.
And one of the most amazing things – sweet muffins with garlic. Sweet, but with garlic! So soft, so tasty, so unexpected! Really the taste is… unpredictable. Or it is just me who ate nothing sweeter than a carrot:)

Main course was tuna steak on the vegetable pillow with sweet potato and taro. When the waiter asked me the level of preparation, I said that “the rawer the better”:) And I got exactly what I wanted! So raw, so tasty.

Desserts were as good as all the previous meals. Cheesecake and chocolate mousse.

And you know what? For all these pleasures plus a bottle of wine we paid 55,00EUR. Just as an interesting fact:)

Restaurant A Tasca
Rua Do Aljube #16, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Portugal

PS: After I looked through their Facebook page it seems like we should come again and have party there:)

Visit 14 Mar 2016

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