Hot springs of Sao Miguel (Azores, Portugal)

June 20, 2016

Restaurant Le Physalis (Tavel, France)

June 20, 2016

Restaurant Kobjeglava (Stanjel, Slovenia)

June 20, 2016

After 2 years in Slovenia I realized one (well, not actually just one…) very interesting thing: if you want to get better food and better service, you should avoid Ljubljana and explore regions. We found Kobjeglava absolutely randomly without Foursquare or Google, we were just in the region, some village. But what a great surprise it was to find such an amazing place!

Technically Kobjeglava is located in the middle of nowhere and for finding it you should really know where to go and how to reach it. Our situation was totally different: we had some detour from the highway trying to find more or less acceptable place for lunch, and then suddenly noticed the sign “Komel” which mentioned prosciutto, wine and something else which is usually a “win” option for snack, lunch or dinner. After few minutes we stopped next to the very nice building which I would dare call “fancy” – glazed,  unexpectedly good-looking.

My first impression when I came inside was: “It seems like being here in Vans and hoodie is slightly wrong…” Big hall, huge windows, flowers on the tables, mouthwatering aroma of coffee from the bar and a little bit from the kitchen. Restaurant was empty, but I guess in the evening it is full of people. But when the lady came to meet us I relaxed immediately. And not because she was also in some sort of casual sneakers but because of her attitude – friendly and welcoming.

There was no menu, chef just cooked from the fresh products which they got from the suppliers. And that day we had: ricotta ravioli and roasted beef as main courses; platter of local cheeses and platter of local prosciutto as an appetizer; chestnut cream with persimmon sauce and fudge brownie with vanilla sauce for dessert. Amazing fresh and crunchy herb bread with local olive oil was a great beginning of the lunch. Everything was perfectly served with good wine.

After lunch we went to the small store in the same building where owners sell local wines, prosciutto, cheeses and oils. And in our small talk we found out that the owner (=chef) is not a professional cook but an engineer who decided that his cooking skills can give him more pleasure and happiness; and the lady who was serving us was his wife. And this is just so amazing!

Now, one of the frequent questions we ask each other when we discuss some places to visit: When we will come back to Kobjeglava?

Gostilna Kobjeglava
Kobjeglava 63a
6222 Štanjel, Slovenia
The reservation is highly recommended.
Check the working hours on the web-site.
Tel.:+386 (0)5 731 00 80, +386 (0)31 356 138


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