Restaurant Kobjeglava (Stanjel, Slovenia)

June 23, 2016

Restaurant Le Physalis (Tavel, France)

June 23, 2016

The Michelin Guide 2015 restaurant Le Physalis is located in one of the most lovely places I have ever visit – town Tavel, famous for it’s rose wines, next to Avignon. Hidden in the green leaves of tall trees it can be a perfect place for lunch during the day or romantic date in the evening. Just don’t forget to reserve the table……because it is really full. All the time. Cozy and simple interior doesn’t create an image of a fancy restaurant listed in Michelin Guide, but in every word or movement of waiters, in everything you will start noticing real high class.

We came just for lunch on our way from Avignon to the hotel in Bollene. It was pure luck that they found a table for us somewhere in the corner. After a brisk research of the menu we ordered: roasted lean pork in the sauce with black olives with a small piece of potato gratin and cooked veggies, platter of hard aged cheeses, tart with cooked figs, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. And of course a small bottle of local rose.

If I have to approve the quality of food I will gladly do it:) It was perfect. Even pork, which I avoid in my everyday life just because I have some health issues, was perfect – small, soft, well seasoned. Cheeses and dessert were amazing, too. Everything was served quickly, but we totally didn’t feel that we came in a crowded hour – no rush, no panic, no delays. All lunch costed as just 23 euro plus a bottle of wine.

There are three variants of lunch which you can choose:

  • Daily menu – 11,50 EUR (it includes main course and dessert) – all days except Sundays
  • Menu at 21 EUR (starter, main course and cheese or dessert)
  • Menu at 28 EUR (starter, main course, cheese and dessert)

So if you are in the area trying to find a good place with reasonable (for France) prices, Physalis can be a great option. Check the menu on their web-site, reserve a table and enjoy your meal;)

Le Physalis Restaurant

127 rue Frédéric Mistral, 30126 TAVEL – FRANCE
For reservation call: (+33)04 66 50 29 53

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