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May 3, 2016

Hot springs of Sao Miguel (Azores, Portugal)

May 3, 2016

Restaurant&Lounge Anfiteatro (Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores/Portugal)

May 3, 2016
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The fanciest place not only in Ponta Delgada but on the whole island of Sao Miguel. After a month on Sao Miguel I thought I saw everything but Anfiteatro became the biggest and the best discovery of the trip. Haute Azorian cuisine exists.

If you come in Ponta Delgada by one of those huge cruise liner you will not be able not to notice this restaurant but if you are coming from the air you need time to discover it. I was recommended to visit this place by one of my followers in Instagram who was (is) working there as a bartender and waiter, and after that I regret only one thing: Why didn’t we find it earlier?! 

Being a part of service and hospitality school, Anfiteatro is a great example of good service as I remember it when I was a waitress and later, when I became a restaurant director. If you come there just once it might seem that waiters are slightly over-distant (if it’s possible to put so), but your next visit will be obviously noticed and you will feel very comfortable.

Anfiteatro is a fancy place. I mean really fancy, so when we accidentally decided to have lunch there on the 2nd floor (I will tell later about the difference between floors) I felt quite uncomfortable in Vans and hoodie but being the only guests at that time we got perfect service. The only moment which slightly confused me was inability of waiter to choose wine for us when we asked for suggestion to the chosen meals, but, I guess, it is not the biggest problem and I can understand it. That day we ordered roasted beef roll with mashed potato with cheese in it and octopus. And a platter with different small pieces of (art) food as a starter. All the small things were separate exquisite meals with perfect taste matching, where at once you can have a short and delicious excursion through Azorian food. Plus very nice (and typical) welcome starter from chef.

What is amazing is that guys created really great things out of simple and slightly peasant Azorian food, in the talented hands of chef it became noticeably smaller (which is a big advantage!), less food as fuel, but more food as pleasure. Unfortunately, I didn’t try tasting menu:(

So! Restaurant has 2 levels. The first one is slightly cheaper, simpler, more party kind of space with bar. In the menu there you can find burgers, salads, children’s menu. Portions here a bigger but quality stays the same. On Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy small selection of some Japanese cuisine adopted for Azores – among classical rolls and sashimi there are rolls with local pineapple:) Daily updates of lunch they post in their Instagram @efthanfiteatro

And the greatest part of the menu is… cocktail menu! Guys, it’s incredible! I tried everything, I swear. They are so good that I barely can choose my favorites. There are classic cocktails, signature cocktails, the whole page of gin&tonic variants plus you can order some classic cocktail if it is not in the menu (and they have all ingredients for it) or ask bartender to improvise something.

At the end I just want to add: This is MUST visit place on the island if you are a good food enthusiast.
And don’t forget to reserve the table!

Restaurant|Lounge Anfiteatro
Portas do Mar – Ponta Delgada
Telephone: 296206150 /4 / 5

PS: I hope my hype about service was not caused by the absence of more or less good service during the whole month before in other places:)


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