Prune Coffee Cake (from FOOD52)

August 16, 2015

I found this recipe on the web-site of FOOD52 and immediately decided to do because of it’s simplicity and no mixer needed :D Here I copy-paste text directly from the page of recipe, and add metric system in brackets. 

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Baked potatoes with meat

July 1, 2015

This recipe I took from my mother, she took it from her mother, where my beloved granny took – I don’t know. But this simple thing is always my sheet anchor when I need to cook something simple, filling and always tasty with that simple deliciousness which reminds village or childhood.

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Vegan Apple Pie Pancakes

June 17, 2015
Apple&Cinnamon pancakes

Most of the people believe that if you are a sweet-tooth and want to keep your body in a good shape, the only sweet thing which you can allow yourself is carrot. But! Few years ago I started my experiments with various pancakes which will satisfy my cravings and still be low-calorie.

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Drunk octopus

June 9, 2015

I love simple food. The simpler the better because I believe that food should be simple and fast to cook. Today it is octopus and random veggies from fridge.

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Very lazy trout

June 6, 2015

We have a very nice tradition – Saturday trouts. I don’t know how and why exactly it happened that we started buying fresh trouts on Saturday but now it is really one of the essential parts of our week. And I cook it every time absolutely the same way: fast, simple and very tasty. That’s why I call this meal “Lazy Trout”.

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